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Welcome to Hoofbeats in Heaven, a 1000 plus page gateway to horse loss resources created to provide the information, solace and support you may be seeking. Here you will find you are not alone in your grief over the loss of your horse.

While society increasingly recognizes that a dog or cat is a cherished member of the family, a horse is still largely considered to be nothing more then a head of livestock. Here we know that we love our horses as much as any family member and we mourn their death just as deeply.

Visitors to Hoofbeats In Heaven (HIH) understand and respect the unique and deep bonds we form with our equine companions. You can't love and bond with a horse and not know what spiritual beings they are. We know that painful void left from their physical absence. And so our goal is to help you come to terms with your loss, begin to embrace your precious memories and ultimately, to find peace in fully knowing that your horse lives on as long as you carry him in your heart.

No matter what our individual idea of heaven may be, we know that our horse's spirit never dies. We hope that HIH will help you cope with the pain of losing your horse so that you can feel his spirit live within you once again. You can begin now just by listening to your heart - there it is - that sound that keeps your horse close and can bring peace to your spirit - that glorious sound of hoofbeats in heaven.

Hoofbeats In Heaven
by Kim McElroy

Somewhere...somewhere in time's own space
There must be some sweet pastured place

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow

Some Paradise where horses go.

For by the love that guides my pen
I know great horses live again.

Stanley Harrison

Support Resources

Hoofprints On My Heart

Memorial tribute for your horse with photo.
Support Group More then 500 members understand your grief.

Candle Lightings

Light an eternal flame for your horse. Over 3,900 candles currently burn.

Equine Quotes

Extensive collection

Support Group Honorees

We feature a support group member's heavenly horse bi-monthly.

In Praise Of The Horse

Tribute to the human/equine bond through poetry, stories and prayers.

Support Links

Information/products to help you before and after your loss.
HIH Portrait The story of our portrait (above) and how to have your own.
Memorial WebRing
Links together our individual memorial sites.
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The Humane Animal Welfare Award

Presented by the Membership of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association to Cindy Garrett in recognition of her advancement of animal welfare through extraordinary service.

While this is a prized personal honor, what means the most to me is the recognition by the veterinary profession of the importance of horse loss support. Thank you to the WSVMA for the acknowledgement of the strength of the horse/human bond and the ensuing grief we all must work through when our equine companions go on ahead of us.

Hoofbeats In Heaven is dedicated to my beloved Dad, who passed away in 2005. He gave me the great gift of loving and knowing the Horse.

And to my dear Mom...who joined my Dad this year. She lovingly surrendered to the fact that more of my childhood would be spent with our horses then in dresses.  I miss you more then words can express, Mom.

Hoofbeats In Heaven exists
because of my heavenly horse,

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